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Monday, 9 March 2009

The story so far

I went the same way to Thirsk as last week the back way to Knayton and then on to Thirsk. The run was hard, that last week even though I knew my way this time and I got in Thirsk 10 minutes earlier than last week. I struggled with the wind been in front of me on some part of my run to Thirsk and that was what slowed me down a bit. I put my winter clothes on, my hat, glove and coat got out the door and took my hat off and told myself it's not that cold out here. I did hit the wall and had to walk for bit apart from when I saw this angry dog barking at me so I walked until I passed the dog I pick this stone up and threw in the other direction to distract the dog but that didn’t work at all the dog just kept on barking at me. I just can’t get my pace right, set of too fast and then stopped to get my breath or walked for bit. I still struggled with the hill but told myself mind over matter and pushed on up the hill trying not to stop even though I was tired.
The training through the week is going well with the wind down on Monday night at the club after the long run on the Sunday. I know a few of the runners are saying that you can’t class Monday night as a training run but the class is helping me. I most be getting a lot fitter, I am not noticing this unless I am doing a organised runs but the comments that I am getting from other runners in the club is that I am getting faster. I can only do 6 lengths of the sports hall on a Wednesday night in a one minute the only thing is that my pace is improving where I start with 6 lengths and finish session with 6 lengths. There is a three day rest from running but not from walking every where at the minute that must be improving my running and thats why I haven’t pick up an injury up till now apart from falling over 20 minutes before going to the club on Wednesday night. I went to meet David Shorrocks at RPA (in Northallerton) on Friday but David never turned up when I went in and spoke to David the reply I got was I had my dinner early because I was meeting someone and I didn’t think you would turn but I did. Never the less I still went for a run with no hills just a nice flat course.

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