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Sunday, 15 March 2009

The cross country

After Sundays run my legs knew that they had done 18 miles, they even hurt on Monday but not too much. The Monday training went well with the stretch downs and a bit of running in the session, with the rest day on Tuesday and back to the club on Wednesday for more punishment the circuit training is still hard but gets a bit easier as the weeks go past. The funny thing was Gary was going slow with his stride outs and I over took him it must mean that I am getting faster than Gary? my pace is up and down I put effort in to all my running in the sports hall but maybe I am tired from my London marathon training.
I had the rest day on Thursday because I knew that I had to do a long run on the Friday. I wanted to do the cross country on Sunday so I changed my route and ran round thirsk. I did the old thirsk 10 route which I found easier for the second time in doing it maybe I am fitter than I was 2 year ago. Then I did another 10 miles around Thirsk which I found hard going. Yet a again the pace was up and down I hit the wall yet again and had to walk for bit and then I did some stretches because my calf had tightened up. I went to my mums for my tea, my legs were really hurting and I was tired all day Saturday my plan was to work out. I had done the long on the Friday and I was already to do the cross country until I got a call from Ken to say he was injured and that won't be doing the cross country so I tried to get a lift but I couldn’t. So I ran around Northallerton but missed my long run that I normally do on Sunday even though I had done it Thursday.

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