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Monday, 23 March 2009

Running the miles

After the couple of miles on Sunday my leg were hurting me more than normal. I then went to the club on Monday my legs were ok. I think it was doing two long runs in one week thats maybe why I was tired towards the end of week. I didn’t take enough fluids before I did my long run on the Friday and didn't take enough gel some thing strange happened on Wednesday that I was bouncing I still found the circuit training hard but the speed work was a lot easier on Wednesday. I was still doing 6 length of the sports hall, but my pace was a lot better than in the weeks gone by maybe I am getting a lot fitter, or maybe I tricked my body in to thinking that I did do a long run on Sunday instead of doing it on the Friday. Then I had rest on Thursday and went to the hospital to find out that what Sonia had told me about my trainers was true, and that the running shop had sold me the wrong type of trainer for my feet and that I had to change them as soon as possible. So hopefully I will have the right type of trainer which has cost me another £50 just after I paid the same 3 months before. I went out on Friday for 30 minutes before I met David and John for a run we did 4 miles started and finished at (RPA) in 40 minutes that was only ten minute miles I felt ok I only stopped on scholla hill twice I kept up with them both all the way round maybe because I had gel before I went out with them both.
I had good run today the first 5 miles was very easy going with the wind behind me until I got to Knayton then when I start to head into Thirsk the wind was in front of me all way up Newsham Road until I got on to A167 and the wind was back behind me, which made it easier for me to run a lot more quickly than last weeks run. I don’t know if that was because I had new pair of trainers right for my feet or if it was because I went out with David on the Friday I seemed to go faster or feel that I can do the amount miles faster I did take enough water and gel on board this week I had learned by my mistakes, and this week I took more water on before I went out, but I took too much water on board which meant I needed the toilet every 5 minutes. I took the right amount gel on board for the 20 miles run I found the old thirsk 10 mile route very boring this week but was happy that the A167 was quiet today than last week the weather was prefect for my run not too hot and not too cold and I can't forget the flowers from Tesco for me mum for mother's day.

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