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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

How long to run miles

The reason my times are slow is because I carry 2lt of water on my back there is the fact that I don’t run a flat courses there is always hills in my marathon training and maybe this is my first ever marathon that I have done. I have done two half marathons last year and few 10 mile races but I didn’t know how much hard training for marathon was going to be especially trying to get out the door in the first few weeks and have the motivation when I am running to run a lot faster than I do because I go by myself I have watched the marathon every year but this year I am going to missed it? I have always dreamed of do the London marathon ever since my brother did it and to try and beat his time. I like to change my route every time I up my miles so I don’t lose the motivation and get bored of doing long runs so I get up on Sunday morning and just think right I am going out and doing that route and go for it even if its got hills or I have to cross road that why run down to Thirsk every week because I got bored of running around Northallerton and it gave me extra motivation to finish at my mums otherwise I would give up and a lot of the runners have got faith in me do the London marathon.

11 miles – 11.8 minutes = 1 miles
13 miles – 11 minutes = 1 miles
15 miles – 10.6 minutes = 1 miles
18 miles – 10.8 minutes = 1 miles
20 miles – 12.5 minutes = 1 miles
22 miles – 11.8 minutes = 1 miles
18/20 miles - 12/13 minutes = 1 miles crap run
13 miles - 11.5 minutes = 1 miles

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