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Monday, 30 March 2009

The mother’s day run

After doing 22 miles the week before and then going back down to 20 miles on Sunday, I just thought my run would be easier and my legs would not be hurting me still on the Monday. How wrong could I be I went to the club on the Monday night which the stretching down didn’t help this week for some strange reason may be it's all the walking that I am doing because my legs are still hurt on Tuesday so I am go to have day rest today and it will be back to the club on Wednesday. I think I need to get my bike paid for ASAP the circuit training on Wednesday was hard this week, but the time trial was going the same way as every other time trial until Alan over took me just as we got out of the train station, then I just tagged Alan and pushed to try to over take him again some were on station road and then I saw Richard and Ian and thought OMG I am catching them up and over took all three of them and did a sprint to the finish my legs must of warmed up or may be it is the amount miles I have been doing and 2 mile is nothing which I did 17.31.
The run with David went ok I ran from (RPA) up Scholla hill all the way around and back to (RPA) in 40 minutes without stopping that 10 minutes a miles and the pace was prefect. If I do what I did with David at the London marathon I will do that faster than I think.
The run to Thirsk was a struggle the hill were very hard today I got about 2 miles out of Northallerton and felt like giving up and coming back home. I wanted the toilet every 5 minutes because yet again I took to much water.
Yet again I must of hit the wall and just couldn’t get my legs moving and when they did they were hurting me on my run may be it was because I didn’t stretch down through the week. i did the same boring route but as soon I got in to Thirsk I changed the route and felt ok I was going through this farm like I have done for last few weeks and the farmer came out and tried to tell me that I had cross the beck and that I couldn’t cross the bridge because I was on private land but it was a right of way so to sum it up I had two good runs through the week and crap run on Sunday this could have been because the clock went forward or am I do too much hill work with David or could be because it was too warm then to finish the day off they change all the train times and I had to wait for the 9.26pm train but I went and sat in the pub so I had a crap day all around

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