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Monday, 6 April 2009

Slow down now

After the crap run on Sunday the stretch down on Monday at the club was really good my legs didn’t know what had happened they had never seen as much of a stretch down as I did at the club then there was another rest day on Tuesday and back to the club on Wednesday I had tagged Alan and kept up with him for the first 2 and 3 minutes of the speed work but set off too fast for the 2 and 3 minutes of speed work and lost my inspiration to keep up with Alan but still went as fast and Emie huck kept saying I would have to watch him in the London marathon he might beat me? (What in fewer than 3.30 there is every chance you watch me fly by) then I feel like royalty having all this rest but I am sure this is helping me. I went out with David and John today which they said I was late but I think they were early we did a cross country route across some fields and bit of road I enjoyed the running (I think he is in training for the Easter handicap) it was a change from doing scholla hill every week there was a mixed of flat and hill David didn’t quite know where he was going but we didn’t get lost. I ran all the way around struggled up one hill but was ok and ran the full course without stopping. David gave me the choice to go back the same way that we had come which brought us out at Knotto Bottom near to where I live. I choose the long way around back to RPA seems I was late and didn’t feel I had run out because I just got warmed up at 2 half miles and felt I could of gone another 5 miles but the training plan said different and I didn’t want to over do it before the marathon and there is rest before I do my 15 miles on Sunday. The run to Thirsk was the same old boring route apart from going across the fields at the start of the run and I changed the route as soon as I got to North Kilvington and came back on to the Thirsk road and across to Thorton-le-Stud which was nice quiet route but as boring as the ripon 10 mile running through Studley Hall and then onto Newsham road and to Wetherspoons for my dinner which was very delicious I stopped a few times on the run but I didn’t struggle at all and never hit the wall and it was very nice running for 2 half hours and not 4 hrs or more but I must say I ran about 13 miles which was 10 minutes miles. Yet again I took too much water and need the toilet every 5 minutes

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