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Monday, 13 April 2009

The Easter run

I felt good after the run on Sunday I taping down now with less than 2 weeks to marathon day and another two small runs and then it will be 26.2 miles running all the way around hopfully I went to Ampleforth College we did some circuit training with Alan which was hard but different and enjoyed the session. I landed on my foot wrong and hurt it then I went into the pool and did some aqua jogging I lost my confidence for about 10 minutes and Sonja split me and Jill up at the start because I was talking to her and not doing the warm up and I ended up with David Reed which was to bad but I enjoyed and I have improved from the last time we did aqua jogging. I went to the club on Wednesday which was at the athletic club because we were do Easter handicap which I did in 18.37 which was 9.1 minutes miles we had to do two laps of the field and around the wood, I came fourth overall but I was third until Helen came around last corner and over took me I tried to catch up but she was too fast for me at the end no one lapped me and this year. I did this year easter handicap in the fast time compare to other years everyone was shocked and didn't expect me come in fourth (Alan said that I would do well) I went out Friday night for a run for a change because with it been good Friday David wasn’t running and had the day off the run was just around the town which was real good just about 4 miles in the wet I picked the wrong time to go out when it started to rain but still went out. I most say that I missed going out with David for a run this Friday it was very boring going out by myself all the time
The run on Sunday was about 7 miles today just to keep the legs ticking over but not doing to much before the big day in less than 14 days I got up early this morning because I was going for Sunday lunch at my mums in Thirsk I struggled this morning with the run but I am not use to going out that early I did some road and some off road which was different to all the long running that I have been doing.

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