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Saturday, 18 April 2009

Big thank for marathon training

I would like to say thanks to Rob for all the coaching that he has given me and so much advice and asking me how it was going most weeks, or I would email him from time to time and ask for advice. Then I would like to say thanks to Ken Evitt for keeping me on track with my running or when I fell of wagon Ken would give me advice or get someone else to have little chat and that seemed to work I can remember my training wasn’t going that good at the start I got bored of the same route and I did the cross country on the Sunday. Got told off by Rob and I remember him saying it 26 miles not 5 miles and you most do a long run through the week for missing that long run on the Sunday and then that's when I thought I'd better start making more of an effort which seemed to have worked and I got on did the long run every week which was very hard motivating my self to get out the door and try to run the full course without stopping but still hit the wall. This is the first time I have ever done a marathon but I couldn’t of done it with out the friendly help and support from the club that pushed me on to doing my long runs and for asking me how miles I have done and give me loads of advice about completing the marathon my running as improved over the last 16 weeks and I got more confidence
These are some of the comment that kept me going
Just going enjoy yourself on marathon day
You can do well
It's the confidence you need
How many miles have you done this week
How's running going

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