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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The quiet way to Thirsk

I felt more confident with my running to go on a different route and to go out with David Shorrocks for the first time for running through the week. Which had helped me to go alot faster than when I go out by myself which is boring at the best of time. The run to Thirsk the back way it took me longer because i didn't know the route but I enjoyed it and only stop a few time but less than the week before untill I hit the Thirsk road and down in to Norby and then I hit the wall and had to walk for time but carried on with the run. I got out the door in record time and that included going to toilet few times. When I get talked to Ken on the way to Thirsk about my running, i always get advice from Ken. The latest advice was to try porridge and honey for breakfast it will help your running and worked a treat
The training through the week had gone well, I have got up to 18 miles this weekend which is very good for me. The 2.2 miles time trial at scarborough, I like the flat course along the sea front I loved the chips and sausage afterwards we found one this year

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