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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The marathon

I had a great day, I was awake from 5am but got up at 5:50 am then Jill rang me to make sure I was up. I had got some breakfast down me and I set off about 7 am to the tube station by the time I got to Blackheath Station the station was packed and I got another call to ask where I was because Jill was worrying that I wouldn’t get to the start on time. We all met up at the start before the race (myself, Jill, Karen and Mel) we all wished each other good look before the race start.
The race started and I tried to do 11 minute miles but they turned in to 10 minutes miles. I wasn’t trying to do 10 minute misle but I did and I ran comfortable pace right up to 13th mile and I was on for 4hrs 30 but I said to myself let see how I doing when I get to 18th mile marker then I started to slow down and by the time I got to 20miles I was struggling my legs wouldn't move I kept on stretching them and it worked for a bit so I kept running and walking until I hit the wall and tried to run fast but I couldn’t the only bit of the race I didn’t like was when we came out of Canary Wharf and back in to the city it was very straight and boring going through the tunnel I put my name on my vest and got a lot of cheer from the spectators which kept me going
Just one two comments from spectator
Keep going you can do it not long now
You are running good pace

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