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Monday, 20 July 2009

The Felixkirk Run

After doing the Kilburn run I went to Fiona at Felixkirk on the Monday. There were two runs on offer 3.5 miles and 5 miles but with me doing the evening leagues on Tuesday I opted to do 3.5 mile. I was running out with Mark until I got to the first hill and stopped because I couldn’t keep mark's pace and my knee was starting to hurt me. But no matter how many hills there was I ran up the rest of them and back to Fiona's I so enjoyed the run and there was some food afterwards. No rest on Tuesday with the evening league, I then went to the club on Wednesday and Rob had use doing 8x600m with 2 minutes rest I did the first three on my own and then caught up with Ians group. I was going to run with them if they had waited for me at the start. I would been running with them for all 6 I enjoyed the track session for a change I only managed to do 6 laps and not the 8 laps because I was tired with running the last 3 days and not having rest. Then I had a nice rest on Thursday I went and watched Burton Lenord 10k then when I got back to Northallerton I went out on a 7 mile bike ride up some nice big hills through a pond only joking and then down Bullamoor Bank through town and back home I did it in 40 minutes at a very hard pace without stopping up them hill I just kept on pushing and pushing up the hills

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