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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The last track session

After not doing much on Sunday apart from the bike ride I went to the club on Monday we did some sprinting work across the field in a cross direction and recover in the short distance we did 10 of them but I was last in my group every time and then we did a rolling relay around the field I was put with the slow group but I still put the effort in for 10 minutes my legs were hurting me again because I did stretching down after the bike ride. I went to the club on Wednesday I did the warm up and me and Lydia were going to go for run around the block until Alan and Ken bullied us into staying and doing the track session we went with Sonja’s group I was leading for the first 400 m of the first lap we did 3x800 400m 600m 400m then 200m. I tried to keep up with Pauls two daughters for the 400m but they overtook me on the last 200m then I tried to keep up but I couldn’t I set the pace for rest of session in the last 200m Lydia beat me with her sprinting I couldn’t keep up and I did thank Alan for kicking my ass and I did enjoy the track session for a change. I then had a rest and was going out on Thursday with David but I started with cold felt rubbish I was going to see how I was on Sunday but I still felt crap and I still went with Alan and Jill to the James Herriot trail and watched instead. I would of done have I taken my stuff with me it didn’t seem to hard after all seem as I am getting better on the hills now.

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