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Monday, 3 August 2009

The tyre time trial

After not doing much last week I went to the club on Monday night, Sonja had us doing some more tyre work, I went with Charlotte and Kay we had to do 6x150m and then run back without the tyre but we did the tyre work then did a lap of the field them Sonja had us doing some sprinting work we had six corners and 6 numbers and what ever number we picked up we had to run to that corner and back and pick another number we did that for 10minutes I enjoyed the session but thought the tyres were getting easy and not hard for me I went with Ken to the time trial at the white horse car park it was a course of 2 miles through the wood and up a very steep hill along the top to the arch and back the same way the track was very slippery and wet track come back down the hill I nearly slipped a few times I was saying that I was going to run the big hill but I got half way up and walked the rest of the way up I was slower than last year just by 29 second not much I was hoping to do faster but the weather was bad before hand but stayed dry while we had the run and the barbeque I did enjoy the run.
Then I had a rest and enjoyed the bottle of beer that I got from the HDSRRL then felt rough on Sunday so I went out on my bike and did 6 miles circuits up hill along to Bullamoor Bank in to town and home and 20 minutes on my walking machine to finish it of I was a wake by this time

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