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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The training con

I went to the club on Monday we did the warm up as usual then we got in to session where Sonja had us running for 30 seconds with a bean bag and corn and drop the bean bag and then to slow down and walk back and drop the corn and pick up the bean bag. We did 8x150 metres for the first three I went past the corn every time, we then did one where we only had a 30 second rest which was very hard then the last 3 runs I was getting slower and slower maybe I should try better with my pace and start slow and kept the same pace all the way through. I went to the club on Wednesday where we did the warm up and then we split in to three groups the fast group the medium group and the slow group which Nigel took, we had to do a pyramid where the course was 400 metres with a 2 minute rest in between each lap and we did 9 laps I was the front runner for one lap we all took it in turn with each lap. I am now starting to enjoy the Wednesday night training if every week was like this I would put the effort in. Then I went out on Thursday on my bike because I was going running in Darlington on Sunday I did 6 miles up Scholla Hill along the track and down Sandy Bank in to town and back home in one hour then it was off to Darlington. On Sunday well I didn’t get my self motivated and I missed the train but still went up and watched and got a lift back with Marion and Ian Codling. Had I known they were going through Northallerton I would of organised a lift. So I went on my walking machine on Sunday night with my weights for half an hour I did have bad headache so I never went out for a run.

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