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Sunday, 16 August 2009

The best week ever

The week started with some hill training over the A19 bridge with 5 going up the hill first, on the forth run I ran up with Alan and wouldn’t let him pass me and I put more effort in. I did put effort in the other 4 hill runs then we went on to the other hill I did get confused on the first two where to stop because there was few more cones out on the course we did 10 repetitions of going up and down the hill. I ran up with Yvonne for few repetitions of the hill putting effort in every single one. (I am going make Gavin an appointment to get is eyes tested because he says he never sees me at running when I am there.) With the runners back from the bridge a few of the faster runners set the pace which I couldn’t keep up with. It was back to the club on Wednesday to see what Rob had planned for us to do it was 375 metre course which we had to run each lap consistently with the last lap been the same time as the first lap. I was the front runner for the 9th and 10th laps which the first lap was 1.26 and the second lap was 1.30. I was ok going out but going around the corner back to finish I was struggling with the wind but we did them all around the 1.26 mark every time even though I was last. I am now enjoying Wednesday nights because we are in a group and not just plodding around the track. I was out on the bike to do 4 miles on Thursday with standing and cycling for about a mile out and mile coming back to strengthen my legs and hopefully to go a bit faster with my running the coka cola on Wednesday didn’t help my training will I ever learn?

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