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Sunday, 23 August 2009

The lazy week

The week started off well at the club on Monday with something different to do than pull a tyre. We did our warm up then the slow group had to run to the tree and back 5 time as fast as possible I put so much effort in that I was out of breath every time but Chris kept on beating me every time over the short distance we then had to get in to a group of 3 with slow, medium and faster runners and had to do a lap of the course and then try and get the bean bag in the box. I only managed to get one bean bag in. I had to do the extra bit of the course twice then it was off to Ernie's at Newton-On-Ouse. Only to get lost with the wrong information that was sent on the email but on a positive note the run through Beningborough Hall was very nice I did it in 20.18 at the pace I normally run a time trial. The food afterwards was very nice and the strawberry cake was lovely the only other training I did this week was on my walking machine for 30 minutes. I must get out and do some extra running this week if not I am go to struggle at Snape 10k and I am looking forward to the winter training and the cross country

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