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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Blast from the past

I went on Monday knowing that I hadn’t done much the week before so I was hoping for a good session and we did some speed work. I was with Nik, Yvonne and Debbies we had to run the same pace every time so we decided to have a front runner so we kept up with him/her every time and it seemed to work we did this for 22 minutes and Rob confused us and we stopped before the last lap. It was the time trial on Wednesday at Wass Woods, but because I had been out on Tuesday to the pub and had 1½ glasses of wine I was feeling a bit rough on the Wednesday and not feeling like doing anything but I went on my walking machine for 15 minutes hoping to feel better but that didn't work so I was looking for an excuse to tell Ken that I wasn’t going. Then I decided I would go but try to do get out of running and do some time keeping instead but Ken put a stop to that. So I had no choice but to run the 2.2 miles I started off at a fast pace until I hit the hill and had to slow down slightly but never walked up any of the hills and kept going at a comfortable pace until Alan caught me up about mile into the race and I kept up with Alan until the finish it did look like I wouldn’t let him past, because everytime that he moved to one side of the track I moved over in front of him. I was having difficulty trying to find which side of the track was best to run on. This year was the fastest time that I had run the Wass Wood time trial thanks to Alan. I then went out on Friday and did a speed session down South Parade between every other lamp post with a recovery jog in between and a 1 minute rest at each end of the street I was doing 20 second between the lamp posts. I nearly killed myself first time in 2 months I had been out on a Friday. Then I went running at Roseberry Topping on Sunday with Jill and Alan.

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