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Monday, 31 August 2009

Roseberry Topping

I went out for a run on Sunday for the first time in ages, I went with Alan, Jill and Cameron to Roseberry Topping. On the way to Roseberry Topping Alan was telling me what to expect and how big Roseberry was, I said what have I let myself in for I think I will stay in the car (only joking). So we got there and set of down a lane then we came to the first climb which was easy enough, I had to stop a few times because I was out of breath then we hit the big climb well I was running for bit but as I got further up the hill I started to get out of breath and had to walk I was struggling at that point. Alan, Jill and Cameron were at the top waiting for me to get there then they let me get my breath back and there was a nice view from the top you could see Redcar and the sea from the top. Then we headed back down and found the best way to get to the bottom of Roseberry in the fastest time all in preparation for the fell run on Tuesday night. I got to bottom and had a nice got warm up and could of done it again I did enjoy going up Roseberry and couldn’t understand why people were saying it was very tough the next day my legs were hurting me as the day went gone on

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