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Monday, 7 September 2009

The busy week that wasn’t

The week started off well with Monday night’s training at the club with the warm-up and then into the session where we had to get into groups of 3, we then started to run to each cone and back before the next person went. We were have too long a rest so after 2 sets Rob changed so that we got a shorter rest, by when we started to turn round to come back the next person went. We did this for 20 minutes before it got too dark and had to stop then it was of to Roseberry Topping on Tuesday to do a fell race. I said I would only go if it was dry because I don’t have any off road shoes but it was wet so I gave it a miss and did zero miles. I went to the club on Wednesday to run in the rain Rob had set up a track for us to run round we could go on the inside or the outside the choice was left up to us. So I went on the inside for all sets we had to do 6x2 around the track with one minutes rest in between each set I timed the last 3 sets and we did them in 3.36 the session wasn’t about running faster more about being consistent then it was time for few days of rest before I went to do Snape 10k which didn’t go to plan because the train was late I and I was getting picked up in Thirsk but I went to Tholthorpe 10k instead

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