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Monday, 7 September 2009

Tholthorpe 10k

I went with Jill to Tholthorpe on the way there we missed the turn to Tholthorpe because someone had taken down the road sign when we got there Ian gave me a few supportive words at the start. They asked me what time I would do it in I said 63-64 minutes. Ian said you could do better than that so I said the fastest that I ran 10k is 61 minutes but that was last year Ian said well aim for that time or lower today so the race started I nearly got tripped up at the start because someone was trying to get by and they couldn’t, as we passed the first kilometre I looked at my watch and it said 5.36 minutes, at 3k I got shooting pains in my left leg and thought what should I do stop or carry on so I carried on I then passed the 5k mark at 30.36 minutes and thought if I kept up this pace I could get around the hour mark I was struggling when I got to the hill and thought about walking up but I said mind over matter and carried on running only stopping at the water station I had a bit left in the tank at the end so I pushed myself a bit more and tried to get in under the hour, but in the end my time was 60.20.

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