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Sunday, 13 September 2009

The Tyres are back

I went to the club on Monday to see what Sonja had planned for us because Rob had been taking the session for the last few weeks. Sonja got the tyres back out and we split ourselves in to 2 teams half us did the tyre and half did temp running we did the tyre first. One had to run with tyre and the other ran with you to the cone having 30 second rest and then 2 minutes rest in-between each set we did 4 sets then we tried the temp running were we had to jog to the green cone, run to the blue cone, sprint to the red and walk to the yellow cone we did 4 sets of temp running so we didn’t get stuck in a rut when we are running a race and changed our style. We are back at school on Wednesday but we were still outside on the field Rob had a track marked out for us to do 1,2,3,2,1 I went in David's group which was the slow group we had front runner each time so the whole group were running at the same pace. Pam and I were the front runners for the first set, we set the pace but we were too fast for a few them in the group. Then the rest of the laps went downhill I was near the back, I was putting effort in but the pace was too fast for me until we got to where we had to go around 3 times and on the last lap I put that much effort in I nearly killed myself going that fast. We had done both 2nd laps in the same time 3.52 and then David set us off like a time trial so we all finished at the same time I so enjoyed the session. On Friday I went out for a speed session down south parade where I ran faster between every other lamp post and had a recovery jog in-between which took me 4 minutes then I ran fast up and down south parade in 4.06 which was slightly slower than the last one. on the third lap I ran fast between the lampposts and a recovery jog in between on the way up and then ran as fast as I could down south parade in 3.44
I was out on Saturday evening doing a mix of running and some speed work again I ran fast up and down race course lane with 1 minutes rest at each end, then I ran up race course lane then on to Thirsk Road and back down south parade I did 2 sets and ran as fast as I could around the second set I did it in 7.08 then I ran back down south parade as fast as I could in 2.16 all this is training is for the 5km Herriot Hospice race on the 27th September I am hoping to do a sub 30 minute run with the extra secret training I have being doing

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