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Monday, 21 September 2009

The school

We are now back at the school on Monday and Wednesday night we are still outside for now, we did a figure of 8 where we ran diagonally to the other corner of the field then we did a recovery run along the shortest edge of the field then back diagonally across the pitch we did 8 of these. We did a cool down jog where we ran to the cone and back picking someone up from the group every time we came back, we did 5 laps. It was rest day on Tuesday and back to the club on Wednesday where Rob had a course mapped out for us, I was in my ability group where we had 6x2 laps around the football pitch with a 1 minute recovery in between each lap but we only managed to 4x2 laps because it got too dark. My time around the laps were consistant throughout and my times were 4 minutes I so happy that my times are now getting more consistant.I was out on Friday night to get my medicine which helped my running so much. Only joking!!! More like I felt rough and didn’t feel like go for run so I went on my walking machine for 2 minutes on 1 minutes rest with 4 minutes on then 1 minutes rest. I did this for half an hour. On Sunday went out for a 2 mile run then 10 minutes on the walking machine, nothing like a bit of cross training and I have been on my bike for 20 mile cycle this week this is the extra secret training I doing to get my time down under 60 minutes.

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