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Sunday, 12 July 2009

The hilly 7mile

I got my number on the day which I didn't mind. I do like doing the Kilburn 7 mile don’t know why, only to try and beat my time from last year and with been more of challenge. I started near the back so that I could over take people and not be over taken I got going at steady pace and ran the first few hills, I got to 3 miles and was happy to see the water station but then I got to Byland hill and my knee started to hurt me I walked up the hill and tried to start running at the top but had to still walk for bit long then I gave it another go and was ok so I got back in to a steady pace there was enough hills to kill you in the middle of the race then the last 1½ mile was down hill so I over took two more people and put on a good pace right to the finish with David running in with for a bit until people were saying to him keep going your doing really well and David replies I already finished I did run in 75.41 which I was happy I was hoping for 70 minute but was more than happy as I beat last year time by 15 second

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