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Sunday, 21 March 2010

The 7.5 miles

Started the week with me going to the club on Monday night we did the warm up as normal then we did a pyramid of 1, 2, 3, 3, 2, 1 which was easy enough. We then got in to one long line and did some side steps count up to 8 and down to 1 across the gym which was funny because we were all meant to go out and come back in the same line. We did 2 set of circuits , Sonja made it a bit more fun with more core work than the sort of circuits we do on Wednesday night. Rest on Tuesday. Back to the club on Wednesday for more punishment which we did a warm and then we did 2 sets of circuits which I struggled on, press ups, sit ups and hand step ups because of my shoulder which is hurting me a lot when I do them exercises we then did 2 sets of 8 minutes with 2 fast minutes in each set where I was doing 6 and a half length in each minute nearly 6 ¾ lengths on the last minute which was another very hard training session with some different cool down exercises. Rest on Thursday due to no more running club with David from RPA. So I went out on Friday for 3 miles I started off at my flat and ran down to Sainsbury's and back through town and home which I felt great and to going on different route. I went out on Saturday night after been at Help The Aged with Lorraine we were only going to do 4 miles but we then decided to do 5.9 miles and run down to Brompton and to the Durham Ox in the dark all I can say I must have been mad to do 7.5 miles in total when I was doing the sport relief 6 miles on the Sunday morning in Darlington which takes my running to 16.5 miles and the count down to 891.4

week 10

Monday - Morning: 3 mile steady Evenings: Club
Tuesday - Rest or Cross Train – rest
Wednesday - Morning: 4 miles steady off road Evening : Club
Thursday - 4 mile steady - rest
Friday - 4 mile steady – 3 miles
Saturday - 3 mile steady – 7.5 miles
Sunday - 8 miles steady – 6 miles

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