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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Richmond Cross Country

I got up on this fine dry Sunday morning hoping for a flat course how wrong could I have been. I had forgotten Richmond was built on hill and was the first time I had ever done Richmond cross country in the 3 years of running races. I enjoyed the course maybe not doing 1 small lap and 3 long laps with a head wind for the first part of each lap and it been very hilly and uneven in parts. I then went the wrong way because I was following two other runners but got back on track then I got pushed over by another runner which was going from the field on to the cinder track then on the last lap some dog walkers got in my way and slowed me down because their dog was not on lead just near to the end of the course. The conditions underfoot were very good the ground was dry and the course was well marked out. My time was 65.28 which is what I had in mind.

My lap time were
1st lap - ST 13.37 – T 13.37
2nd lap – ST 16.43 – T 30.20
3rd lap – ST 17.47 – T 48.07
4th lap – ST 17.21 – T 65.28

ST – Split time
T – time

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