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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The London marathon

The week started with going to the club on Monday night where I had a run around with Alan because we were not doing much because of the marathon. Rest on Tuesday. I went to the club on Wednesday night again where I ran around with Alan not doing much because the marathon. I then rested all week and had 20 minutes run on Saturday morning in London. I got to the start on Sunday morning with 1hr to go I dropped my bag off went to the toilet and got in to my start area where it only took me 10minutes to get to the start for the 13 miles I was doing 11 minutes a mile I then started to slow down by the end I was doing 13 minutes miles I struggled from 18-19 miles and had to walk stretching and running the last 7 miles it was very hard but it had to be done because I had my train to catch at 4.30 which I did with 5 minutes to spare I was happy with my time of 5hrs 25minutes even though I was 2minutes slower and it was very hot all the way around which take my running to 26.2 miles and the miles so far to 234.2 miles so far

week 14

Monday – club
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - Evening : Club
Thursday - rest
Friday - Rest
Saturday – 20min run
Sunday – 26.2 miles run
Finish details
place (M/W) 19292
place (ag) 10558
place (overall) 27971
finish time 05:25:47
Split time diff min/km km/h
5K 00:32:54 32:54 06:35 9.12
10K 01:06:49 33:55 06:47 8.85
15K 01:41:06 34:17 06:52 8.75
20K 02:18:28 37:22 07:29 8.03
HALF 02:26:59 08:31 07:46 7.73
25K 02:56:51 29:52 07:40 7.84
30K 03:37:16 40:25 08:06 7.42
35K 04:22:49 45:33 09:07 6.59
40K 05:08:51 46:02 09:13 6.52
finish time 05:25:47 16:56 07:44 7.77

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