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Sunday, 10 April 2011

4.8 miles run

The week started with me going to the club on Monday night where we did the warm up as usual with a few different warm up games such as high knee and back flip. We did 2 sets of circuits with step up, press up and throwing the ball at the wall and many more we did a cool down and some balance on the legs to finish. Rest on Tuesday. I went to the club on Wednesday night were me, Alan, Ernie and Ian on a 4.8 miles run around Thirsk tip which I did struggles around and had job keep up with him. With my leg hurt me I took a rest and did no running all week so I am feeling fresh for next Sunday marathon day.

Which takes my running to 4.8 and the miles so far to 208.

week 13

Monday – club
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - Evening : 4.8 miles
Thursday – rest
Friday - Rest
Saturday – rest
Sunday – rest

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