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Sunday, 6 May 2012

PB at Ilkley

I went to the running club on Monday night knowing that I had hit my 75 miles of running and just did a nice steady session because I was running on Tuesday at Ilkley. I also did some walk and cycling. I had a rest from doing any digging at the allotment because I wanted to do a good time at my first race since I pulled my hamstring, I got to the race with 15 min to spare. I started off at a good pace for the first few miles and even up the first part of the hill and on the second part of the hill I ran up at a slower pace but what must go up must come down so I was faster on the downhill and I was only 3 seconds off nearly beating Ilkley run In to the finish just had nothing left in my legs my time was 47.13 which was 6 min off my time from 2 years ago. Shows how much I have improved since I started this challenge last July. I went to the run club on Wednesday where I was cream crackered and did do the session and did a little run around the athletics club field and the football field. I had a rest on Thursday and did nothing apart from it was hard work walking in to town when you are tired. I went out for a run on Friday around Northallerton town centre avg pace of 10.33min/miles which was very slow and by the time I had finished I had nothing left in the legs again so I had a rest on Saturday and did a walk, a bike ride and some digging at the allotment. I went out for a run at tea time on Sunday after been at the allotment this morning put some more potatoes in. So my back was niggling but I managed 7 miles around Northallerton and nothing left in my legs once I got finished and was 15 seconds slower then when I did my first 7 miles training run for the GNR which takes the first week of running, walking and cycling to 58.39 miles and the miles so far to 1009.0 miles

Aim to do 100 miles this month

Weekly Total 37.87/20.52
walk/run total 618.37/37.87
Running Total 258.19/21.91
Walking Total 361.18/17.45
Cardio work out 25.85/
Cycling Total 365.49/20.52

1st May - 8.68 miles (Run 4.81 walk 3.87) (cycling 3.79)
2nd May - 7.24 miles (run 2.88 walk 4.36) (cycling 4.85)
3rd May - 2.07 miles walk (cycling 3.79)
4th May - 8.73 miles (run 6.21 walk 2.52) (cycling 4.0)
5th May - 3.14 miles walk (cycling 4.09)
6th May - 8.01 miles (run 7.01 walk 1.0)

Monday 30th April - Distance: 3.14 mi Time: 56:03 Avg Pace: 17:49 min/mi
Tuesday 1st May - Distance: 4.81 mi Time: 47:11 Avg Pace: 9:49 min/mi
Wednesday 2nd May - Distance: 2.88 mi Time: 39:44 Avg Pace: 13:48 min/mi
Friday 4th May - Distance: 6.21 mi Time: 1:05:33 Avg Pace: 10:33 min/mi
Sunday 6th May - Distance: 7.01 mi Time: 1:13:20 Avg Pace: 10:28 min/mi

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  1. A busy week Phil and over half way to your goal. Well don on your pb at Ilkley. I pb'd too but only by 2 mins