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Sunday, 15 July 2012

2 Minutes faster

The week started with me going to club on Monday night where I was still tired from race on Sunday at Kilburn. So Sonja had a session plan like we do in the gym in the winter but I so tired that all I did was run around the track and had a rest in between I did do some plank and sit up at the start. We are doing the same session this Monday. With the session over I still managed to get my 3 miles in for the 20 session challenge. Tuesday I had a rest from running and any other exercise a part from bike ride and 1hrs of badminton with my neighbour and his friend. I went to the club on Wednesday night where it poured down with rain so I waited until it fared up and did a warm up and then we did 30min of running with some speed work for about 0.25 miles or until we got back to the where we started, I took it easy because I was running at the evening league on Thursday I got my second session in this week for the challenge I am doing with Fran. With no rest on Thursday because I was running at the evening league. I got to Ripon with in good time I was set of 7.37 3 min further up the list than last year and Cath and Ian set of 1 min in front of me so there was a challenge in itself and Christine was set off 1 min behind me which would be a challenge to not let her pass me but guess what happened Christine came passed me at the first hill but I tried to keep with her all the way to the finish but she didn’t slow down not even when she was walking up the big hill half way round whilst I ran all the way up without stopping. Then it was down hill and back through the field to the finish which sometimes can be boring. I caught Ian up towards the end before the field at the end and then just around the corner I caught both Christine and Cath up so I was happy but did think they would pass me on the field or just at the finish I did catch Marian up just at the finish but there was backlog at the finish because too many people came in all at once and they were slow at take numbers and in the wrong place even know the funnel was long enough to stand just before people were leave to collect there water. My time was 50.54 which is 2min faster than last year. I had a rest on Friday and Saturday from running just did a bike ride and 4 hrs in the Allotment tidy it up digging my potato and plant my leek. I should have taken a rest today but decided to go for a run instead. I went out on Sunday tea time for a 4 mile run just around Northallerton because I was tired and lost me MOJO on Friday at the Allotment

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