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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Richmond Evening League

Again with no club on Monday night because Ken was away again so I went out for a run around Target Wood and down Scholla and back which was a nice run for a change. With no club on Wednesday night due to Rob cancelling the session because of the evening league on Thursday night. I got a lift with Swaledale runners to Richmond’s evening league we got there with 20 min to spare to have a chat and get to the start. Where it started and finished half way up this big hill we set off running anti clockwise so we ran down the big hill rather than running up this killer hill. So we started and hit the first hill where I walked up because it went on for a long time I kept a few harriers from passing me made sure Sarah didn’t try and run with me or pass me as I was wanted to really race tonight as there was too many hills I did walk up a few of the hill and the descent was evil and I was happy when I finished and my legs were stiff for a few day so no more running again for the rest of the week. 

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