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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Boxercise and no motivation mixed of the week

I don’t know what happened since Christmas I haven’t  done any races or any running and this week has been the worst week for not having any motivation and when I got to the gym I didn’t even want to do the boxercise class all I wanted to do was go home until was forced to do boxercise. We did a warm up to start,  then the two girls started to boxe whilst I waited for Mike’s instructions he told me to start running In a circle and there wasn’t much effort needed, then Mike started to run and told me to stop cutting the corner then guess what I ended up punching with Mike and he didn’t take easy on me at all and that was the now 20 min my wrists were starting to hurt me so I had to stop after every 3 or 4 punched because he has more power in his arms. So I was glad of a rest when we started to punch each other on the shoulder and knees. So my thoughts after Boxercise nothing really hurts until the next day, I was shaking and out of breath how I lasted 45 min I will never know. Did I thank Mike for that work out NO I  Bloody didn’t it was just as bad as the free PT session I got just after Christmas. After I calmed down I realised Mike took me out of my comfort zone and I didn’t know I worked that hard until I started to ache on Friday and still finding it hard to walk today, plus my wrists are really painful today especially the right wrist.

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