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Monday, 14 September 2015

The PB at Tholthorpe

The weekend started with me doing the Park run on Saturday morning in Northallerton it was only 5k flat run with a few twists and turns to keep you on your toes. I always take it steady if I have a race the next day as I like to try and get a PB but I also used the Parkrun as a good estimate to where I should be at 5k when I am running a 10k race which is around 27min.

I got picked up by Marian from Thirsk we got to Tholthorpe in good time about 45 min before the race started. I had gone already dressed as there was no changing rooms just toilets. We had a chat with some of the other harriers that were there before the race started. I started as close to the line as I could, I set of very strong and fast, Christine passed me but I thought I will catch her it was only the start of the race dont want to go too fast then Paul Adam came up along side me and then that was when the race started for me as I wasn't letting him pass me and beat me there was only one time where Paul got in front of me which was just before the first water station but I kept to my plan and caught him up again as he started to slow down he managed to keep with me until 6k before I started to pull away I did start to slow down between 7-8k but I still pushed on in the last 2k just so I could get finished within 55 min and I a managed to get a new faster PB for a 10k race, it only taken 9 years to get to this stage something must be paying off. It took Faith and Martyn 0.65miles before they passed me. At the end of the race Faith asked me what I was doing different I just said eating more healthy going to Gym and going out for run with Amanda’s group on Thursday and doing the park run on Saturday

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