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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Sessay Swift

I got to the race early as Ken was marshalling and Marian wanted all the marshals there by 6.30pm so I had an hour and I left until to 15min before I got changed and missed harriers photo like I always do. I started as close to the line as possible and started of very strong, then who came up and kept me company for most of the race only Paul Adam and we had a bit of a cat and mouse for a few km or until Paul got tired and I start to get ahead of him, but he would come up and scare me as if he was going to pass me and I was going to have to work hard to catch him up but he never passed me and because I done this race before I knew where to up the pace which was in the last 1k. I also had a plan that if I could get to 5km by 27min I knew I would be on for a Pb and I managed to do the race 1.12 sec faster than 2 years ago. Some comments from club members you were on fire I could see you but couldn't catch you (Andrea Almack) and it took me until 3k to catch you (Chris Wordsworth)

Amanda Thursday group

I was tired from Wednesday’s race and was undecided if I was going to run tonight and I made a decision at 6pm, once I had come back from the allotment and I went down and met the rest of the Neon night at Hambleton Leisure Centre and we went Mowbray Rd. Over flood defence. Bullamoor to Fox Hounds. Across tops and lane to Sandy Bank. Down back. It was around 7 miles my first time of going up Bullamoor which I enjoyed. I struggled with the run along the top to sandy back and I then found some energy from somewhere and went fast down sandy bank Crosby road and to Hambleton Leisure Centre my calves were in a bit of pain and couldn't walk again and then on Friday I was that tired and struggling to walk around and I decided to have rest instead of going to the gym

Parkrun Saturday

I got up in good time this morning and was in two minds if to run or rest as my legs were still in bits from two hard runs this week but thought I would go as I could take it easy if I felt too tired. I started on the line for a change and as I started running my legs felt so heavy and thought todays run was going to be a slow run but I managed to pull back on the last lap and did a sprint finish made a few runners around me work harder. I didn't do a PB this week but have done all 5 park runs so far

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