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Monday, 4 May 2009

The aches and pains

I got back from the marathon on Sunday and all I wanted to do was go to sleep. I hadn’t had much to eat after I returned home on the Sunday. I got up on the Monday morning and couldn’t walk any where at all, so I took a rest from running for three days. I went to Alan's farm for my photo to be taken and for a run but I was too tired and achy to be bothered with a run so I just sat down and rested. With no run on Tuesday and Wednesday I decided to go to the club and do some time keeping which went smoothly and I enjoyed doing some thing different other than running. Then we had an important vote to see who would be the chairman for the club.
I got told by a few of the runners to get back in to running on Thursday even if it was a quick run around the block. I felt great and got my insoles back on the Friday and went for a 6 mile run with David, I struggled with Scholla Hill but we still did it in 1 hour but then I was to tired after that to run on Saturday and Sunday so I had rested

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