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Friday, 8 May 2009

Evening league

The race started with a one minute silence in rememberance of Norman Smith who was involved in a lot of the local running around this area. Then the race started it was a two lap course around Sowerby and in to town, I was tripped up by another runner just as we were all leaving the field to get in to the race after that little setback I set of too fast and I tagged some different runners this year they were from Swaledale. I kept on over taking one of the runners from Swaledale and she kept on over taking me until I let her lead for a bit until i got my breath back. Jo Fambely and Richard Easby were also behind me when I started but when I got to York Road Jo Fambely over took me and shot off and I couldn’t catch her up then to top it all Richard Easby over took me just on the flats and I saw myself slowing and there was no way I was going to over take them to get back in front. But how wrong was I caught Richard up on York Road and I caught up with all the other runners that had overtaken me, but still couldn’t catch the one in front of me because she was slightly faster than me. I was only 7 minutes behind Ken for the first time in 3 years it is normally more like 10 minutes or more I would have given Gary a run for his money any day I did it in 45 minutes and knocked 5 minutes off last years time
Thank you to all the supporters here are some comments
It's a walk in the park after the London marathon
You can do it just think it last 5 miles of the London marathon

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