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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Take easy after the marathon

I found the rest at the weekend really nice, I had a cold which I picked up after doing the marathon the weekend before and trying to take it easy so I wasn’t going to the club on the Monday and used the excuse that I had cold but I couldn’t work out if I would be worse after training or feeling better for going so I went to the club and did some pace work. I went with mixed ability group but they were too fast for me but I couldn’t change group because there wasn't that many people there with it been a bank holiday we also still do the winter exercises outside that we did in the gym. I was feeling tired after running so I had rest on Tuesday and went back to the club on Wednesday but what ever Rob had planned I was taking it easy because I was running the evening league, we had to do 5 laps of 800 metres around the track but I only did 3 800 metre laps and that was only a jog around the track I didn't want to be to tired for the Thursday night run which I said I would knock a good 5 minutes off last years time with no David on Friday for a run I enjoyed the rest and I went out on Sunday for 5 mile run started and finished at Knotto Bottom I ran up the field and out for 2½ miles and back the same way I just wanted a short run until I have fully recovered from the marathon and then I will be back to doing long runs on a Sunday starting next week.

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