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Sunday, 17 May 2009

The Fast Week

Went to the club on the Monday and we ended up do some pace work and sprinting there was two fast groups and a slow group so I went with Chris because we were at the same level. We started off doing four 150 metre lengths and I kept up with Chris, then when we did four 100m lengths and I started to slow down and get out of breath. So when we did four 50 metre lengths and Chris said to me just to make sure that you are putting in the effort and that we are going to do the next four lengtyhs fast. I said to him I couldn't put in any more effort than I am already doing we had less of recovery time because we were getting cold. I put my feet up and had rest on Tuesday and went back to the club on Wednesday and before we started running I got told by Gavin to stop using the marathon as excuse and to get back into running, I said I don’t know what you mean. Then we did a warm up and Rob told us that we had to do four 1000 metres around the track with 100 metre recovery there was no-one there in my ability group apart for Debs but then Lydia said she was going to 1.7 mile run so I went out with her and we had chat and run without both of us stopping and I ran on in front I enjoyed it for a change because its no fun running around the track on your own and then I came back did one lap of the track and went in and got a shower afterwards. Stuart found it hard to believe that there was no-one within my ability to run with. Ken was happy that I went out with Lydia.
I went out on the Friday for 6 miles run but without David because he was doing a session at RPA so I ran all the way up Scholla Hill even know David wasn't there to push me I then ran along the lane and back into Northallerton which I did at a fast even pace all the way around then I was marshalling on Sunday at Newby Hall for the Yorkshire 10k race which I enjoyed doing it was a well organised event so I had a rest today and I am going go out tomorrow for a run instead a nice 6 miles.

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