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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The week that went bad

We went to york on Monday night to Blacks the sports shop because I needed a new pair of trainers so I just went to see how much they would cost. There was no run planned for the evening so I had a rest and with the rest on Sunday as well and again on Tuesday. Wednesday was the first time I had a run I did the evening league and then I went out for run with David on Friday we did a 4 ½ miles run from RPA up Sandy Bank, across the fields, on to Scholla Hill, back to Bullamoor and then back to RPA I struggled up the hill in the first part of the run and stopped a few times but David wouldn't let me stop I enjoyed the rest from the run and when I thought we had finished we ended up doing 200 metres more
I went to the Melmerby 10k race today my legs were still heavy from the race on Wednesday and from going out on Friday I tried to do a warm up but couldn’t get my legs moving. I took on too much water and needed to stop for the toilet I struggled at 2k and Marian over took me for a short while but I gained on her later on and I know that if she beat me I wouldn’t live it down at the club I took advice from David Shorrocks and Pat Kirby I started off slow like Pat said to me and it seem to work I ran up all the hills but took small steps and put my arm down when going down hill and it seemed to have worked because I still did the same time as normal with little effort and a good pace all the way around my time was 63.36 Gary was bit upset that I didn’t beat him or give him a run for his money like I said I was going to

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