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Monday, 1 June 2009

Bank Holiday Running

I went to the club on Monday there was only 10 of us. Rob had us do a lap of the cricket pitch and then to throw a bean bag in a box we did this six times, I only missed the box once. We went up Sutton Bank on Wednesday and did a time trial I didn’t warm up I just ran the 2 mile course was going well and Ian didn't catch me up until we nearly turned around to come back. For the second time in a time trial Alan over took me on the way back so I just took inside got my breath back and over took him and kept going so that he couldn’t overtake me again I did try and catch Ian back up but he was too fast for me. I put a sprint finishing and finished 17 minutes 51 seconds. I went out with David on Friday at 1pm very warm I struggled around the course David tried a different way but it took us around the field and back to where we started so we went back down Scholla Hill over the field through the wood and on to Sandy Bank and then David made me do another 50 metres up the hill so I did. I went out on Sunday about 7pm when it had cooled down for a 5 mile run I ran up Sandy Bank through the wood up a big big hill and then down Scholla Hill and back home I went ok all the way around just stopped a few times to get my breath.

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