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Monday, 8 June 2009

The cross training

The Monday session was at the fly over bridge doing hill training because the Thirsk races were on it was five faster up the hill and to recover go down the hill I was running with Chris who runs at the same pace as me, we then went to the other hill and did three up on both sides and recover on the down hill I put effort in going up the hill because Chris was going a bit slower but then he beat me going up the hills. Rest on Tuesday it was back to the club on Wednesday to do some track running which was 800m around the track with 2 minutes rest but it was no fun because the group above was too fast and the other group was too slow as I was running on Thursday I only did four times around the track but then due to lack of funds and Ken been away I had to miss the Harrogate Evening League. I went out with the RPA running club there was only three them one from north Yorkshire moor two other ladies which were slower than me we did the running that David liked with hills in it we seem to do that every week start from RPA up Sandy Bank up the big big hill and on to Scholla Hill which was shorter than what me and David normally do. I got my new bike on Thursday so I was happy, so instead of going for a run on Sunday i went out for 8 miles bike ride to try out my new bike go up some hills and along to Borrowby and back home in under 1hr.

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