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Monday, 15 June 2009

The 9 miles

I went to the club as normal on the Monday, the sessions are getting alot harder. I teamed up with Chris and did 6 fast laps and a slow recovery lap coming back. Chris made sure that I was working my legs and that I wasn’t slacking. I got back home and my legs were killing me I am not surprised doing the 8 mile bike ride on the Sunday. Went to the club on Wednesday did the warm up and then went out with David for a 3 mile run from the school up Topcliffe Road along a track to the tip and back to school. David still made me put effort in. I like going out every other week it is better than running around the track and being bored. I went out on Friday with the RPA running group we just did a 4 mile run up Scholla Hill and back down Bullamore Road and back to RPA there was a new lady so we went at her speed I did go ahead a few times but overall I had an easy run because David wasn't pushing me at all. I did run all the way around without stopping at a nice easy pace. I then had a rest on Saturday and went for bike ride on Sunday down to my mums it took me 40 minutes compared to last year when it took me 1 hour I had my dinner which was very nice I do like doing some cross training and using different muscles.

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