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Monday, 29 June 2009

The time trial

I went to the club on Monday as normal Sonja had some fun games up her sleeves after the warm up we had to try and lift one leg and keep the other one down it was so funny because every one was getting confused. we did some tyre work which was running for 80m with the tyres then we changed over and have 30 seconds rest then run back and have 2 minutes rest I was with Chris and Jean we changed this week and just ran up with the tyres and changed over because last week was so confusing we still had our 2 minutes rest. We had a time trial on Wednesday up at Sutton Bank it was only 2 miles I was going well on the way out I got past the turn around point and looked at my watch it said 10.47 which was great I was hoping to beat last months time but the wind on the way back slowed me down by 17 seconds I am sure I am getting fat and slow because my times are not coming down they are going up every time I run.
I went out with the RPA running group, there was 10 of us and David did a session on the field behind Broomfields School it was a very easy session we did a warm up and then did a game where we had 3 in groups and ran backward and forward tagging each other and then did a pyramid were we ran 2 4 6 4 2 I felt that it was too easy for me and didn’t feel I done any thing I could of gone for run afterwards I did enjoy doing some thing different.

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