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Monday, 22 June 2009

The tyres

I went to the club on Monday as normal and Sonja had us doing hill work but with the tyres I teamed up with Chris and David Reed which was to take the tyres 200m then run faster back without the tyres and then walk back to recover which was very hard after the bike ride on the Sunday, I did enjoy it we were meant to do it 8 time but it seemed to go on for ever. I went to the club on Wednesday hoping that I could go out for run in Thirsk instead of do track work but there was no one to go with so I had to do the track, I ran with Richard for 200m and then did 200m on my own and had a rest until Richard got to me and I did this for 20minutes I enjoyed doing this better than running around by myself I then ran at the evening league on Thursday and then ran on Friday with the RPA run group there was 3 men and 5 ladies at different abilities we did some thing different than just run up Scholla Hill David did a session and made it interesting and we just ran back down Bullamore Road and back to RPA. Enjoyed it and that was because we had ladies run with us. The bike riding to Thirsk was ok for the first mile, then I started to suffer my legs did not want to work at all especially going up the hill but I forced myself up stopped a couple times but still did in 40 minutes which wasn't bad at all but couldn’t manage the to bike back yet too much exercise.

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