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Monday, 6 July 2009

Otley evening league

We got to Otley within good time, I did a warm up which was a lap of the field before the race started. Then we set off but because I confused the race with Ilkley the race didn’t seem too bad or boring. I did stop but that was only because I had a stitch I then got to the hill that everyone had warned me about, because I have been doing hill work with David every Friday I ran all the way up only stopped to tie my laces up the weather slowed me down because it was still warm. I did take my bottle and I was 7 minute slower than 2 years ago but still I was happy with my time. I got to the club house and some people were asking me how I did I said I enjoyed the race you must be the only one how did you find that hill I said what hill and told them to stop moaning

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