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Monday, 6 July 2009

The warmest week

I went to the club on Monday and Rob took the session because Sonja had her family visiting. So Rob had us doing a rolling relay where one ran with the tyre and the other person in the group also ran down and we would leave the tyre and recover come back we did that for 20 minutes and then cool down. I enjoyed doing some thing different but we made the other team mad because we were setting off before the tyre got to us we must of thought it was race. On Tuesday I decided to go for a 4 mile bike ride only because I was getting use to the bike just from my house and around Brompton and back. Because I was bored, but I should have gone out earlier or in the evening when it had cooled down. I went to the club on Wednesday to do the track work which I so loved, not really, but still did it any way. I ran with Richard so what ever Richard did I did which was 400m or 600m that’s what I did with resting in between each of them. It was the Otley evening league on Thursday and then out for a run on Friday with David but I was struggling all the way round we only did 4 miles around Scholla and back to RPA. It only decided to rain at 1pm and I got very wet then I was ill afterwards with a bad stomach, then there was no run at the weekend I had my sister’s wedding to go to. I did get to Burn Valley on Sunday but only to take some photos

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