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Monday, 16 November 2009

The PB at the Cross country

We got to the cross country in plenty of time and we checked out the course because there was a little change to it this year at the start where we go through the woods instead through the pig sty and the finish was different where you went through the farm yard and back up the hill and down to the finish with the little talk from Ken I was determined not to walk up the hill I would run up them if they killed me. We had to do one medium lap and two large laps I ran up all the hills and ran fast on the downhill I started the first lap which was easy enough with a mixed up and downhill the second lap was tough just before the loop I had to stop because some dog got in the way then when we were coming back up the big hill that I ran up before there was some people on quad bikes so I had to jump out the way and then had the taste of fumes in my mouth but getting back to the run I try to catch this runner up. Who was walking up the hill and run on the straight and the down hill but I still couldn’t. The third and final lap was tough on the legs going up hill but I did run all the hills maybe walked the last little bit on two of the hills and slipped on the way up and down on the hill and nearly ended up in the brambles, on each lap on the way down the last hill before the finish and still trying to catch this runner up but couldn’t but on happy note I did a PB which was 66.37 compare to last year time of 73.35 and Keziah Paxton was second lady home in the woman race

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