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Sunday, 22 November 2009

The Training Getting Easy

The week started off with some double training on Monday morning with a 3 mile run out in the rain just around the flat course that I enjoy starting and finishing at Knotto Bottom Way. I went to the club to do more training, we did our usual warm up as normal and went over the core exercises because there was some new people coming along, then it was the return of jogging on the spot we did a pyramid 10s, 20s, 30s, 30s, 20s, 10s fast with a recovery of jogging on the spot between each set then we pushed our arms up, to the left, to the right, and in front. My co-ordinator was rubbish and it was very hard on the legs and arms this week. Had a rest day on Tuesday. No double training on Wednesday I only went to the club where we did a warm up with 3 sets of circuits which I did 10 star jumps in each set then we did 4, 3, 5, speed session with 2 minutes rest in between each set. I was back to doing 6 and a half lengths in each set this week, I must be getting fitter because last week I was struggling. With no David Shorrocks on Thursday I only managed 3 miles on the course that I enjoy apart from there been a head wind. I had such a busy day on Friday and knowing that I hadn't done many miles this week I had to get out on Saturday morning. But it was far too cold so I choose to go out after doing my voluntary work at Help the Aged. It was very wet and windy I did my 3 mile flat course that I enjoy doing. Instead of going to the fell race which i was put off doing by Gavin because there was to many (mole) hills so I went out and did a 7 mile mixed run of road and off-road I started off-road for the first 3 miles over the fields up a big (mole) hill which I ran all the way up, then through the woods where I nearly lost my footting in the mud then across another field and on to the road which took me back down Scholla Lane turned right in to Lewis Road, turned right on to Mowbray Road, along Brompton Road, over the roundabout on to East Road, down Grammar School Lane, on to Thirsk Road back up Mill Hill Lane which I ran up the hill, along Sandy Bank which is another big hill that I ran up, it was then into a field which was all downhill to Knotto Bottom which took me 70 minutes I have been out 5 days which included a double training session on Monday that took my mileage to 16 miles like last week for my running and I back up to 20 miles on my bike.

week 3

Monday - Morning: 30 mins easy Evenings: Club - 3 mile
Tuseday - Rest or Cross Train -rest
Wednesday - Morning: 30 mins 2 mins easy 4 mins fast x 5 Evening : Club
Thursday - 4 mile steady - 3 mile
Friday - Rest or 40 mins steady - rest
Saturday -7 miles steady - 3 mile
Sunday - Rest or 30 mins easy - 7 mile

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