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Sunday, 18 April 2010

More grass training

The week started with us going to the club on Monday night to find out that Sonja was away and Rob was taking the session we did a warm up, then we got into teams of 5 with equal ability, we did a rolling relay starting at the same corner everytime and running down to the next corner where the next team was waitinvg to go. We did a recovery jog back to the corner where we started. We did this ten times which I found easy, but my legs were tired from running on the grass. Rest on Tuesday. More training on the grass on Wednesday night with us splitting up into 3 teams with the fast team going with Rob and David taking the slower group with me been the front runner for 5 out of the 6 laps. My fastest time was my last lap in 3:09 and my slowest time was the first lap in 3:22. It was nice to run in a group and with another front runner. Resting on Thursday. Friday was just a 3.4 mile run around the town centre with no watch for a change, after been at Help The Aged when it had cooled down. More training on Saturday with the 3 mile route I enjoy doing my time was 28:48, it was slower than when I did it on the 28th of March. More training on Sunday morning with a speed session on Valley Road before going down to my mums with 2 sets of 6 between the lampposts with a rest in between each set my times are similar to last weeks speed session which I am enjoying for now which takes my running to 6.4 miles and the count down to 858.4 miles

Wednesday training session

1st 3:22
2nd 3:12
3rd 3:12
4th 3:21
5th 3:16
6th 3:09

Valley rd 2x6 speed session

1st set

32, 34, 33, 35, 32, 34

2nd set

34, 32, 33, 33, 36, 36

week 14

Monday - Morning: 3 mile steady Evenings: Club
Tuesday - Rest or Cross Train – rest
Wednesday - Morning: 4 miles steady off road Evening : Club
Thursday - 4 mile steady – rest
Friday - 4 mile steady – 3.4 miles
Saturday - 3 mile steady – 3 miles
Sunday - 8 miles steady valley rd speed session

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