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Sunday, 20 June 2010

The game plan at the evening league

We got to Harrogate with 1hr to spare seeing how it was just up the road. For a change I did a warm up then we started in a bottleneck and it was like this for 300 yards or so until we hit the fields, I made sure that I was still in front of Tor but thought any minute now she was going to come up and past me which she did so I tried to keep up with her but she was just too fast for me so I just kept on trying and caught up eventually only to see her go off into the distance so I just carried on run through the fields, then on to the old railway track and nearly got wiped out by Gary and this other runner as they were coming back down the railway track. I got into the wood where I saw Tor again walking and thought I am going to catch up. As soon as I got close she started running again and I goosed my legs because they have never worked that hard in race before. Trying to keep up with other runners then I started run up the steps then i had to walk the rest of the way up the through the wood and back down the old railway track my legs were goosed and a couple of runners passed a long the old railway track but I couldn’t catch them back up I even struggled with the little bridge and walked up and the marshal said are you ok I said yes and carried on running I was only 34 seconds behind Tor which wasn't to bad my time was 52.30 I did enjoy the run even though it was very warm even though they had changed the course I still beat my time from two year ago by 4 minutes.

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