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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Darlington 10k

I went with Ken to the Darlington 10k race today, we got there with hour to spare. so I did a warm up then the race started. It took 1 minute to get over the start but I was too bothered because it was chip timing at the start and finish I got going at a steady speed it was a 2 lap course where it started in the town centre and went around the housing estate and up to a hill which I ran up all the way and never stopped I didn’t even stop at the water station and have a drink while running I got to 5k it only took me 30 minutes so I was on for 60 minutes or just under so the second time around I knew what was coming but I didn’t expect to go down Skinnergate to get to the finish I did enjoy doing Darlington today my time was 60.37 my times were even all the way around which was great

1k 5.45
2k 6.04
3k 6.07
4k 6.07
5k 6.09
6k 6.41
7k 5.41
8k 6.07
9k 6.07
10k 5.35

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